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Orchestrating the product delivery

There's a heavily underestimated area in tech projects, judging from my experience - it is product management. The role stands as a bridge between all of the stakeholders - customers, managers, developers, designers, CEO (...) and the product. It is responsible for capturing feedback and ideas and giving the direction to the team, but not based on witchcraft or sorcery but rather thorough business analysis, customer interviews, industry standards, competitive research.

Thanks to the product management the choice of features and functionality match the customer's needs and business goals.

The reason why it's so overlooked is that it's seemingly nonessential. Stakeholders can talk directly to developers, or the developers can take business decisions on the go without consulting them. This nonsystematic approach feels more efficient but it might not translate to results because it's very rare for a CEO to be a great User Experience designer or for developer to have an understanding of business development, or even just motivation to deliver features that perhaps are nontrivial.

Event though the orchestra can play without a conductor, we advice the usage of product management to have your product delivered effectively. ~ Maté Gvo

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