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Orchestrating the product delivery

With tech background and excellent people skills, I am great at collaborating on projects, leading teams as well as working independently. I am an experienced, fullstack web developer as well as have excellent knowledge of design tools, which are an added advantage for the team. Bringing over 15 years of experience managing end to end products from concept to launch, I am well organised and able to prioritise task, make decisions independently and add experience and skills wherever they are needed most in the given moment. I have been working in different markets, from household services, to platform marketplace for gig-economy, eCommerce, FinTech and recently EdTech, with an extra focus on marketplaces, communities and online networks. I have an extensive experience working remotely.


Enjoy the display of project and ideas beyond my professional portfolio. As a maker, I've decided to collect my work in one place, for you and for my own reference.

1/6. ETH Trading Simulator

Client: personal, research

Trading simulator designed for crypto currencies such as ETH. Through this personal project, I gained invaluable knowledge of the complex world of trading, including its terminology and strategies. As a developer, I faced an exciting challenge in rendering the charts, which served not only as a tool for debugging, but also as an eye-catching visualization of trading data. Rather than connecting to an existing trading platform, the simulator used historical data to simulate trades based on various strategies, including moving averages such as EMA5, EMA13, and various SMA and EMAs. This project allowed me to expand my skillset as a product manager and developer while also gaining hands-on experience in an exciting and fast-growing field.


Duration: 0hrs


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