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Self-managment for apoio »

Experimental system for community based, self-managed cleaning service.

Community: projects, events, chat, profiles, feed with news, file sharing.

Commercial: shcedule, assignment, availability, invoices.

Distributed management: voting for groups.

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BookServe, hotel management system »

We were asked to design new skin for an old yet well functioning hotel management software.

We came up with trendy and sexy design, thanks to which the overall look and feel drastically improved.

We have inegrated scalable vector icons - "fontawsome", because they are awsome.

We added some CSS3 transitions because the system will be used in modern browsers.

We applied minimum changes to the system's structure.

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My vision for how we should work (2013) »

If desk and chair were designed for eating, how could we design the workspace thinking outside the box?

Divide the body weight to 5 areas. Follow the shape of spine.

About me

I am a business and software engineer with senior experience not only as a engineer and developer but also team-leader. My solution driven approach has brought me to build several internet platforms including Apoio where I've built a software to manage a community cleaning service. As a cofounder and CTO I've built Coliga - a platform that allows communities to channel and distribute jobs among their members and Recommend.Berlin - a platform that enables people to discover trusted professionals through the word-of-mouth recommendations. Some of the topics I have been working with are AI research, pattern recognition and machine learning. In spare time I work on creative projects such as data visualisation or electronic music production.